Last night was the party for the release of Star Craving Mad, which is available now. I chose the Cynwyd Station Cafe and Tea Room because it is local—i.e., not a schlep into town for this mostly Suburban crew, and because it is an absolute gem of a place with creative gifts (Decomposition Books anyone?), beverages (how about an aphrodisiac chocolate phosphate?) and snacks (a grilled cashew butter and prickly pear jam sandwich sounds good right about any old damn time). It’s also casual and historical.

I didn’t know what to plan or if I should plan at all. Maybe it should just be a get-together. I didn’t know. I was too busy feeling gassy with nerves. But in the end—the very end—I got my shit together. Two days before the party I finally found something to wear at Nordstrom Rack, my new home away from home. I hooked myself up with purply coated jeans, a slate blue sequined halter top, a pair of slightly stacked black leather gladiator sandals and a sweet little rose gold star necklace—all at a staggering discount of course.

The day of the launch I did my own nails to save some of my kids’ college money. Hoorah for scrappy ingenuity. At this eleventh hour I also finally came up with an activity for my peeps to coincide with the back-to-school nature of the book content and release date. Everyone got a shiny pocket folder, a pencil, a few sheets of looseleaf paper and a writing prompt—three unique words chosen out of the novel—from which guests were instructed to create a story in five minutes. Word got around that I wanted sexy dirty stories, which is partly true. There were children there after all, bless their impressionable ears.

In the car on the way to the station, I picked my excerpt and timed it. Five minutes. Perfect. My nails were dry, my lip was sweaty and I was ready to roll.

Everything turned out wonderful. I felt like a blushing bride. My gratitude and appreciation goes out to the Performance Fitness clients, so many of whom came to celebrate, my loving and supportive family, and SparkPress for giving me the opportunity to release Star Craving Mad with all the changes, cuts and additions I yearned to make, a brand new gorgeous cover that feels like velvet or leather and the most amazing publicist a girl could dream up. Okay that sounded like an Oscar speech. But it’s my blog. I’ll gush if I want to.



PS, here is the winning writing assignment. When I get done reading the rest I will devote a blog post to them. Thank you everyone who participated!

This writer had to use the words BEER, NANNY and INTERVIEW. They titled their piece “Drunken Nanny.”

“Two parents interviewed nannies; didn’t think it would go the way it did. Both parents could never find time for themselves or their son. Many times they found themselves fucking on the couch.

One day while fucking on the couch they realized they needed a nanny. When their son hit his head. While they were having coitus! So they decided to put an advertisement in the paper.

One interview after the next seemed as dull as the last until they met the Scotch beer drinking nanny that blew them away and reminded them of their parents, since after all they were brother and sister.”