You win some, you lose some. I hate cliches in general but they tend to be true. What’s also true is that you lose inside the win and win inside the lose.


1. We bought a new car. BUT it’s a diesel Volkswagen. STILL, I still get to cruise the Main Line in a bitchin’ ride. AND scandal notwithstanding, I love that car and realize that I am fortunate to have this particular problem in my life. #firstworldproblems

2. I had the opportunity to teach a racy sexy fiction course. BUT only one person signed up so it got canceled. NOW I don’t have to prep for class or give up the kettlebell course I teach in the same time slot.

3. We’re getting our basement redone. BUT I managed to flood the floor by doing a load of laundry with an unplugged hose (brilliant), AND there was concrete dust everywhere, AND my daughter slipped on it and scraped her back. BUT! I got to sit with her in bed (while she cried) and ice her little spine with a bag of frozen corn, AND I got to witness what a warrior she is, AND she got a mini reprieve from starting her homework.

4. I have almost double the Amazon reviews I started with for Star Craving Mad. BUT not quite. People ask me how the book is doing and I say, “Did you buy it and review it favorably?” Most of the time they reply ‘no.’ I say, “Then it could be doing so much better!”

If you haven’t bought or read or reviewed Star Craving Mad yet, I invite you to do so. There are so many things to read nowadays. Or watch. Or comment on. It’s a daily assault. Good reviews help sort the wheat from the chaff, the worthy from the meh. The book is fun. And well-written. I am highly critical of my work, so I don’t say this with flippant arrogance. I hear from clients and friends that they stayed up past their bedtime reading it. This is fantastic news. If you have read and reviewed it I thank you!

If you get a chance today, answer this question: Have you won inside a loss recently?