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a stranger’s leftover french-fries

June 30th, 2015|

I had a sex dream about my daughter recently. I woke up feeling dirty and mental, and told my personal training clients that very morning. So I dreamt I schtupped […]

third ear

June 27th, 2015|

You know how they say that anger boils up under the skin? Something like that, right? Well my husband used to literally get boils from not expressing his unsavory feelings. […]

getting around

June 25th, 2015|

I’ve been making my way through the virtual world this week.

1. My bedroom gym is on Houzz, which is a fantasy come true—so much better than Aaron Taylor-Johnson showing up […]

the removalist

June 10th, 2015|

A friend of mine in L.A. writes and produces really good movies. We have an intermittent dream of creating a story together that I write as a novel and he […]

milf monday

April 30th, 2015|

MILF Mondays. It’s a thought. for now it’s a Pinterest board. Sienna Miller. Julianne Moore. Lily Allen. Etcetera. But pfft, other than eye candy it does not make me randy. […]

hit that milf

April 30th, 2015|


Two Badass Moves For Women on the Verge of Perimenopause.

I ordered a barbell and plates—175 pounds’ worth—on Amazon. I aim to lift that beast ten times a day, five days […]

decor junkie.

April 30th, 2015|

My bookshelves are loaded with back issues of Domino and World of Interiors. Heavy Taschen interior design books. Decor books I picked up from Bargain Book Warehouse, online or in […]

sex scene sunday

February 19th, 2015|

So, I’m going to aim for a column type vibe on the blog, starting with sex scene sundays. Take a look at my pinterest boards, particularly the sex scene sundays […]