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Novelist, Fitness Trainer & Family Girl

Hello Reader Out There and welcome to my website. The following paragraph is written about me, by me, and in the third person, for professionalism:

Elise A. Miller writes standing at her kitchen counter while avoiding making dinner. The writing-to-avoid-housework has a name. It’s called “productive procrastination,” and is a vital part of the creative process that Elise no longer feels guilty about, now that she’s in her mid-forties. Sometimes Elise cleans the house to avoid writing, so there’s a perfect yin-yang balance. The dots in the yin yang symbol punctuate her productive procrastinating. In Elise’s case these dots are represented by binge-watching Netflix/napping/plucking her middle-aged face (yin), and manically decorating/swinging a kettlebell/practicing pullups, handstand pushups etc. (yang). Oh yes, all this, and she works part-time as a foul-mouthed hard-hitting boot camp, TRX and kettlebell instructor in Wynnewood, PA.

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